Prepare for Large Scale Disasters

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Welcome and congratulations on visiting this site. I commend you as a good citizen for the time you are taking to "Get Ready". Even if you only browse for a few moments, you may learn information that could help make you, your family, and the whole community safer in the event of a major disaster. What you learn here could help reduce the risk of death, injury, suffering, and disruption in cases of major emergency.

As you spend more time on this site, you will gain an increased sense of safety, and instead of vaguely fearing a disaster, will learn how to respond instead of just react when faced with a major hazard. The difference between simply reacting out of fear, and calmly responding, armed with preparation and knowledge, will help keep you feeling peaceful and secure, before, during, and following a disaster.

The purpose of this site is to help make BC the best prepared region in the world while facing the many hazards which affect us. We can't reduce the risk of a major earthquake, or a flood, but we can reduce the harm such hazard cause through the education and preparation of as many British Columbians as possible.

Mike Andrews - Provincial Emergency Program